Why Double-Hung Windows are Great for Your Home

D-Hung Windows

If you are planning to install double-hung windows for your home, you should definitely know the benefits. While these windows are aesthetically pleasing, they also offer several advantages over other types of windows.

Advantages of double-hung-windows:

  • These windows are relatively easy to clean because of their unique design. They can be opened from the bottom or top, with the bottom sash sliding up or the top sash sliding down. In addition, the sashes can tilt and this allows the homeowner to clean the outsides of the window easily without using ladders or other tools with long handles.
  • Double-hung windows are easy to replace in case of damage or breakage. The window-pane can be replaced in a mere 10 minutes by snapping out the damaged glass and snapping in the new glass in place.
  • These windows have great insulating properties, especially the ones with double or triple panes. When there are multiple panes, an air pocket forms between the panes and this helps to insulate the home and make it more energy efficient during winters as well as summers. As a result, your heating and cooling-bills will reduce.
  • You also can get double-hung-windows with insulated glass that helps to prevent UV rays from entering the room.
  • The windows are designed stylishly and come with concealed locks to keep the house secure. The elegant look of the double-hung-windows allows the window to fit into any type of d├ęcor. In fact, these windows are perfect for traditional looking homes and offer more character.

If you are contemplating about replacing windows in your traditional home, opt for double-hung-windows. With so many benefits that these windows offer, they are the perfect choice for Victorian, colonial and Cape Cod homes and bungalows. They can also be used as bay windows in combination with other types of windows.

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