When to Repair or Replace Your Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and will last a long time without needing any kind or repair work. However, there are a few things that can go wrong with these windows. Having them repaired or replaced will save heat from escaping through them.

  1. Stress Crack or Other Damage
  2. A stress crack in the window can continue to enlarge until the glass becomes loose if not repaired. This should be fixed as soon as it is noticed. Broken glass or damage to the framework should be attended to immediately. A new sash should be installed or else the entire window should be removed. Make sure you get a replacement window type instead of new construction. These are built different and should be installed by a professional.

  3. Seal Failure
  4. A seal failure will cause condensation to appear in the window. If this is not repaired it will soon become fogged and will be hard to see through. Having a new sash made to fit your window will allow you to see out your window once again.

  5. Upgrade
  6. Today’s vinyl windows are much more energy efficient than older models. These use low energy glass and are built so cold is not transferred between the panes. Older windows had a metal channel between the two panes of glass that allowed cold to transmit from one pane to the other. Newer vinyl windows use a rubber strip between the glass and metal to prevent the transfer of cold air. This also helps prevent stress cracks.

Installing new vinyl windows in your house will also increase its value. Being available in many different color schemes, finding one to match the decor of your house is very easy. So check your windows today to see if they need repaired or replaced.

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Joe Romero is the Owner of Advance Windows and Doors, a window and door replacement company based in Southern California. Joe emphasizes providing the highest quality products at affordable prices with great customer service. Consequently, Advance Windows and Doors has become a leader in door and window replacement in Orange County and Los Angeles over the years, and is the go-to source for information, advice and fast installation.

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