The 7 Best Ideas for Windows and Door Decor This Halloween

Halloween is a time for adventure, fun and finding new tricks to spook friends and family. Here are 7 ways you can do up your windows and doors for a colorful yet Halloween ambiance:

Stairway Pumpkins
Now how often has someone decorated for Halloween without pumpkins? Frankly, there is no better replacement for pumpkins for a traditional Halloween feel! You can handcraft pumpkins in various designs and place them in the stairway to give the guests a really terrifying welcome.

Bat Colony
A spooky little bat colony hanging in front of the main door is sure to instill a sense of creepiness on the guest’s mind. Kids in particular will love making these handmade bats.

Spider-Web on Windows
It’s always fun when super spooky stuff can be made from stuff found commonly in the house. You can use trash bags and create an awesome thrifty spider-web on your windows and doors.

Huge Black Spider
The secret of making any Halloween décor impressive is to surprise your guests at every step. Suspending a huge black spider from the ceiling or sticking it onto your window is sure to lend a creepy look.

Window Ghosts
Imagine looking out the window and finding something really spine chilling. Well, window ghosts can do just that! Just create the best ghost figure and let it stand out of the window ready to spook anyone who may look out!

Frankenstein Door
Frankenstein monsters have been for long associated with Halloween. Create a really cool Frankenstein door by simply painting the basic features of the monster on it.

Impressive Window Silhouettes
A right lighting window silhouette can be an excellent décor for windows. One can make simple designs out of cardboard or black paper and paste them on the windows. Readymade designs are also available in stores.

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