Is Covering Walls with Windows a Great Idea?

Many would think that the cost of having windows installed across house walls would be the intimidating factor during house renovation or construction. This is not the case for many in California. Safety concerns are the major challenge that homeowners attempt to address when they initially consider having all their interior or exterior walls covered completely with windows.

There are numerous dangers that come with having walls with surfaces predominantly covered with glass. In the event of a fire break out, glass will shatter and collapse on residents increasing fatality chances. On the other hand, stone or wood partitions and walls can stand for longer period of time, allowing for safer rescue efforts. Evacuation is more difficult when walls are covered in windows as the fire spreads faster in that case.

Admittedly, the cost of using windows on most sections of your home walls is relatively high. Caring for your windows is indeed a time taking task. You have to keep a constant check in order to prevent mold from settling on frames and on your window glass. So maintenance gets easier when windows are lesser.

Heat preservation concerns are pointed out often by those with wall covered surfaces in apartments. The conventional glass windows are not rated highly in terms of conservation of heat during cold seasons. Home owners may require installation of glass blocks in their windows and incur higher costs of house remodeling. Though, glass blocks will also be advantageous during spring and summer because they allow light to shimmer through rooms in the early mornings and evenings. The exterior view is remarkable.

However, these windows increase moisture content in rooms. Water-painted walls and wood will decay faster. In comparison to vinyl wood partitioning, this is a more expensive approach to interior home design because in most cases, window covered walls can only be repaired by experts, due to safety concerns.

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