8 Ways to Drain Water From Your Window Air Conditioner

Drain Water From Your Window Air ConditionerA window air conditioning unit’s condensation builds up as water inside the exterior frame. When an excessive quantity of water accumulates, it starts to drain from the side or bottom of the unit, which can result in rust stains on the ground or building below the air conditioner. It can also pool beneath the unit, encouraging mosquito breeding.

The good news is that there are a number of simple ways to drain water away from a window air conditioning unit.

  1. Put a 5 gallon bucket near the end of the drain hose that comes with your unit. Attach a short garden hose to the unit hose and place the open hose end in the bucket.
  2. Attach a soaker hose to the drain hose and route it to water the plants and shrubs.
  3. Attach a longer garden hose to the unit drain hose and place the open end over an outside floor drain to route it right into the sewer line.
  4. Is there a cap underneath the unit? You may be able to use it to pour off excess water.
  5. Check for clogs at or near the entrance. Poke a long, thin wire into the hole and move it back and forth to encourage the water to drain.
  6. Replace the base pan or drip tray, particularly if it has severe damage or rust. If it appears to be in good condition, it may simply need a cleaning.
  7. Enlarge or add an additional weep hole in the base pan if there is only one hole or if the air conditioner manual indicates that this option is appropriate.
  8. Avoid running a newly cleaned or modified air conditioner for a minimum of three days to ensure that all traces of moisture are gone or drainage problems may continue to occur.
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